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Get to know about the pet-friendly Floorings

How many of you are planning to upgrade the floors for your home? It might be time-consuming for you to decide what is the best flooring for pets’ dogs and cats. In this blog, we have brought some pet-friendly flooring options. Let’s have a look at the following flooring types suitable for pets.

Tile and Stone Flooring

 Tiles and Stone flooring are being considered as the best option. These types of floors are water-resistant, stain resistant and easy to wipe out whenever you want. It will work fine with pets of all ages from puppy to older dogs that may have issues with balancing and controlling its bowels. These floors won’t have scratches so no worries if you haven’t trimmed pet’s nails.

Cork Flooring

This type of flooring is an excellent choice for pets. It seems like hardwood flooring and won’t lead the growth of bacteria and harmful allergens. Cleaning is a bit easier with this. It can absorb the sound as well and minimize the noise. Cork is scratch resistant, and it won’t give scratch but make sure pets nails are trimmed. It has been suggested that always select the lighter shade of cork flooring to hide the scratch marks.

Laminate flooring

 Well, this one is not suggested for pets. Make sure the laminate sheets that have been used for flooring should be waterproof because its texture is slippery for pets. It can be troublesome for the pets especially dogs who have suffered to hip injuries. Make sure while selecting the flooring options do check it is comfortable for pets or not. Faus Laminate Flooring is the best choice for pets as your pets won’t face any trouble. Flooring village one of the top renowned manufacturers who has been working for years with experts.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

 It’s the best choice for a pet that can enhance the appearance of floors and best for hardwood floors that won’t be problematic anymore. These kinds of flooring options come in several forms just like luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile. It works fine for so many reasons and one of the durable options. Make sure product quality should be good and installed correctly that can go fine with pets because of easy to maintain and to clean quality


Find out these flooring options in your nearby areas by top quality manufacturers who never compromise over quality. They would give useful instructions to you as well on saving the floors for the long term.